The reptiles section offers a wide range of not only livestock, but also accessories and foods, both live and frozen. We can also provide advice on all aspects of reptile keeping whether you are looking at starting in this fascinating hobby, or expanding an existing collection. We are always happy to advise you through what you will need to set your equipment going, and also to demonstrate anything you need.

But of course the stars of the show are the animals themselves. We have everything from corn snakes and leopard geckos for the beginner, right up to boa’s and iguanas for the more advanced reptile lover. Also for those among you who love something creepy crawly, we stock spiders, scorpions and millipedes! If you want something to keep someone from coming into your bedroom, we can supply! All our animals can be sold either separately or as part of a complete kit, to get everything going.

We look forward to seeing you really soon, and introducing you to our animals, maybe even letting you hold one if you’re careful.